Registered Horses


To register for the 2014 North West Working Hunter Championships, you need to qualify.  Once you have entered your name will appear on the website

Click on the links below to check entries in each class

W1       BOW’S 4 SHOWS Beginners 1’6 Final  

W2       HORZEHOODS Cradle Stakes 1’9 Final                 

W3       NORTHERN HORSE MAGAZINE Novice Pony 2’0 Final

W4       Mountain and Moorland Final  2’3-2’6

W5       BOSSY’S BIBS Intermediate Pony 2’6-2’9 Final

W6        BLUE CHIP Open Pony 2’9-3’0 Final            


Saturday 6th September

W7        WHITEGATE STUD Beginners Horse 1’9 Final          

W8        GLOBAL HERBS Novice Horse 2’0 Final                       

W9        BOB MARTIN Mountain and Moorland Large Breeds 2’3 Final             

W10      ROWEN BARBARY Working Cob 2’6 Final             

W11      VERM-X 2’9 Intermediate Horse Final             

W12      BLUE CHIP Open Horse 3’0 Final 



A copy of the show catalogue with all classes and registered entries will be available to download after the closing date- further details to follow