Welcome to the 4th North West Working Hunter Championships

The finals are held on the 30th August & 6th September and are hosted by Bridgewater Riding Club


How to qualify- Have a look at the list of shows holding qualifiers- Qualifier shows are taking place at riding clubs and shows throughout the North West- to find your nearest qualifier see the qualifier shows page.

Qualified?- At your qualifier show -you will be given your qualification card. Once you have qualified you can enter any suitable class for you and horse horse/pony.  The height of classes you qualified at may not exactly match the championship schedule-so have a look at the schedule and pick the classes you want to enter.

Saturday 30th August (Ponies 153cm & Under)
W1 BOWS 4 SHOWS Beginners 1’6 Final
W2 HORZEHOODS Cradle Stakes 1’9 Final
W4 Mountain and Moorland Final 2’3-2’6
Small and large breeds up to 15hh are eligible
(large breeds can also take part on the 6th September)
Small breeds will jump first 2’3, large breeds will then jump a raised course 2’6
W5 BOSSY’S BIBS Intermediate Pony 2’6 Final
W6 BLUE CHIP Open Pony 2’9-3’0 Final

Saturday 6th September (Horses over 153cm *except classes W9 & W10)
W7 WHITEGATE STUD CHESHIRE Beginners Horse 1’9-2’0 Final
W8 GLOBAL HERBS Novice Horse 2’3 Final
W9 BOB MARTIN Mountain & Moorland Large Breeds* 2’6 Final
(*All large breeds of any height can take part )
W10 ROWEN BARBARY Working Cob* 2’6 Final
(*Any height- does not need to be hogged)
W11 VERM-X Intermediate Horse 2’6- 2’9 Final
W12 BLUE CHIP Open Horse 3’0 Final

  • W1- If you enter the W1 beginners final you can only enter W1, W2 and W3 Finals
  • W2-Cradle Stakes- riders 12 years and under on 1st January 2014, ponies 13hh and under- date of birth must be stated on the entry form
  • W3- If you enter the W3 Novice Pony final you can not enter the W6 Open Pony Final
  • W4- Small and large breeds upto 15hh are eligible to enter (all large breeds can also take part on the 6th September in the M+M Final)  Small breeds will jump first 2’3, large breeds will then jump a raised course 2’6                 
  • W7- Beginners Horse- you may not enter W11 or W12 Finals
  • W8- Novice Horse- you may not enter the W12 Final
  • W9-All large breeds are eligible to enter
  • W10- Working Cob- does not need to be hogged

For beginners and Novice rules please see the rules pages                         


How to enter- The classes are listed on the qualifier card- please fill in the details on the back of the card and post with your entry fee to the secretary

Pre-entries are £18 and close on the 10th August

Entries are accepted on the day £20 cash, you must bring your qualification card with you

For shows held after the closing date the entry fee is £18 -bring your qualification card with you.

What happens then- You will receive an email confirming your entry.  Your name will appear on the website in your appropriate class (see horses registered pages).

Show day- The show ground will be open from 7.30, clear round will be open from 8.30.  Classes start at 9am and will follow on.

Show Secretary- Collect your number and finalist award from the secretary

Collecting ring- You can declare with the collecting ring steward

Course walking- The judge will let you know when your course is ready for walking

Prize giving- Placings are to 12th place so even if you are not clear you may be required to come back and do an individual show and be available for the prize giving

Before you go home- Please take all rubbish and don’t muck out your trailers on the field.

Click here to download the schedule with class listings and details-nwwhc2014schedule


A copy of the show catalogue with all the registered entries will be available to download after the closing date- further details to follow

If you require any further details please contact Debbie on 07428614091
or email nwworkinghunterchampionships@gmail.com




toby 20th july 2012 1618

toby 20th july 2012 1357



Emily Pugh riding Mockbeggar William II