It is a condition of entry that the rules are accepted and understood.

Failure to comply with any of the rules may lead to expulsion from the showground

On entering the North West Show Jumping Championships all riders become day members of Bridgewater Riding Club and agree to abide by all Bridgewater Riding Club Rules as stated on the website

All riders, owners and competitors allow their horses and ponies to compete at their own risk.  Neither the club nor any persons acting on its behalf will be held responsible for any accident, illness or injury to competitors, spectators or animals.

Any vehicles, boxes, trailers or equipment on the showground are the responsibility of the owners and the committee accept no responsibility for any accident, damage or loss for any reason whatsoever. Drivers are requested to show due consideration to animals and other members when parking and also are requested to park where directed by a member of the committee.  The riding of pedal or motorcycles will not be allowed on the show ground

The DECISION OF THE JUDGE IS FINAL.  Arguing with the judge or general abusive behaviour on the show ground will invite elimination and/or expulsion from the show ground.

Any person making a complaint or questioning any aspect of the show must do so in an orderly manner by placing £10 with the Show Secretary within one hour of the event happening together with a written explanation of the complaint.  If the complaint is found to be justified the £10 will be returned.

Entry fees cannot be returned unless a doctors letter or vets certificate are provided.

It is the competitors’ responsibility to enter the ring when asked to do so.  Failure to do so may lead to elimination from the class

NO CANTERING OR GALLOPING will be allowed outside competition rings and exercise areas for safety reasons.  Handlers/Riders must be in full control of their animals whilst on the show ground.

All dogs must be on a lead.

Litter must not be dropped

Correct clothing must be worn including a jacket and plain coloured jodhpurs/breeches.

It is mandatory for all Members to wear a protective helmet manufactured to one of the minimum standards listed below.  It must bear the CE mark and a quality symbol, either the BSI Kitemark, the SAI Global symbol or the official Snell label with number.  The CE symbol on its own is not sufficient to ensure consistent standard of manufacture.   The PAS 015:1998  and the Snell E2001 meet higher impact criteria and therefore give more protection.

PAS 015:1998 or EN 1384:1996 or BS EN 1384:1997 With the BSI Kitemark. NB  The prefix ‘BS’ on the EN 1384 standard does not mean that the hat has undergone batch testing by the British Standards Institute – the hat must contain the BSI Kitemark as well. Snell E2001 with the official Snell label and number. AS/NZS 3838 1998 or AS/NZS 3838 2003

Excessive use of whip or spurs will result in elimination. No whips over 30” to be used in any class.

The use of spurs (blunt turned down) not exceeding 3cm is allowed at the discretion of the judge.

BSJA rules will apply except with regards to age of riders (see below)*

Any horse or pony competing in riding events must be 4 years of age or over in the current year and must be of sound condition.


  • If you enter the S1 final you can only enter S1 and S2 Finals
  • If you enter the S2 final you can also enter the S3 and S4 Finals
  • If you enter the S3 final you can also enter the S4 and S5 Finals                                          
  • If you enter the S4 Final you can also enter the S5 and S6 Finals
  • If you enter the S7 final you can only enter S7 and S8 Finals
  • If you enter the S8 final you can also enter the S9 and S10 Finals
  • If you enter the S9 final you can also enter the S10 and S11 Finals
  • If you enter the S10 Final you can also enter the S11 and S12 Finals

No horse/pony may be entered more than once in any class.

*Age of riders

Classes are based upon the height of the pony/horse.  Entries in pony classes (30th August) are for animals measuring 148cm and under.  They may be ridden by riders of any age providing that they are judged to be the correct height and size for the pony.

Classes for horses (6th September) are for horses over 148cm and can be ridden by riders of any age.

The committee reserve the right to measure any horse or pony and to request a height certificate where any height is in dispute.

Stallions must be ridden and handled by senior competitors only.

Horses must be entered under passprt names- passports must  be brought to the championships and be available for inspection in the case of query or complaint.