Welcome to the 10th North West Show Jumping Championships

The finals are held on the 30th August & 6th September and are hosted by Bridgewater Riding Club


How to qualify- Have a look at the list of shows holding qualifiers- Qualifier shows are taking place at riding clubs and shows throughout the North West- to find your nearest qualifier see the qualifier shows page.

Qualified?- At your qualifier show -you will be given your qualification card. Once you have qualified you can enter any suitable finals- this may not necessarily be exactly the height you qualified at as different riding clubs have slightly different schedules. You may enter any suitable classes -so have a look at the schedule and decide on the best classes for you.

  • If you enter the S1 final you can only enter S1 and S2 Finals
  • If you enter the S2 final you can also enter the S3 and S4 Finals
  • If you enter the S3 final you can also enter the S4 and S5 Finals                                          
  • If you enter the S4 Final you can also enter the S5 and S6 Finals
  • If you enter the S7 final you can only enter S7 and S8 Finals
  • If you enter the S8 final you can also enter the S9 and S10 Finals
  • If you enter the S9 final you can also enter the S10 and S11 Finals
  • If you enter the S10 Final you can also enter the S11 and S12 Finals

How to enter- The classes are listed on the qualifier card- please fill in the details on the back of the card and post with your entry fee to the secretary

What happens then- You will receive an email confirming your entry.  Your name will appear on the website in your appropriate class (see horses registered pages).

Show day- The show ground will be open from 7.30, clear round will be open from 8.30.  Classes start at 9am and will follow on.  As a guide only class S3 is usually 1pm

Show Secretary- Collect your number and finalist award from the secretary

Collecting ring- You can declare with the collecting ring steward

Course walking- The judge will let you know when your course is ready for walking

Courses – Classes 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,11 and 12 are 1 round followed by a jump off.  Classes 4 and 10 are 1 round against the clock (A4). Please remember not to start till the bell is rung- as this results in elimination

Prize giving- Placings are to 12th place so even if you are not clear you may be required for the jump off

Before you go home- Please take all rubbish and don’t muck out your trailers on the field.

 Horses or Ponies that have won £50 in British  Show Jumping Competitions are not eligible to enter

Pre-Entries are £18 and close on the 10th August

Entries are accepted on the day £20 cash, you must bring your qualification card with you (for shows held after the closing date the entry fee is £18 on production of your qualifiction card)

Click here for the downloadable schedule



A copy of the show catalogue with all the registered entries will be available to download after the closing date- further details to follow
























If you require any further details please contact Julie on 07808158332
or email nwshowjumpingchampionships@gmail.com