It is a condition of entry that the rules are accepted and understood.
Failure to comply with any of the rules may lead to expulsion from the showground and/or the club.

The rules can be downloaded by clicking here.



1.1        THE JUDGES DECISION IS FINAL. Arguing with the judge or verbal or physical abuse to anyone on the show ground (committee, stewards or other competitors) will invite elimination and/or expulsion from the Club.

1.2        The committee reserve the right to measure any horse or pony and to request a height certificate where any height is in dispute, on or before the next show

1.3        Mistreatment of any animal on the show ground will not be tolerated and the competitor/handler may be asked to leave the showground and face expulsion from the club.

1.4        Any person making a complaint or questioning any aspect of the show must do so in an orderly manner by placing £10 with the Show Secretary within one hour of the event happening together with a written explanation of the complaint.  If the complaint is found to be justified by the committee at their next meeting the £10 will be returned. If not, the £10 will be donated to charity.

1.5        The committee reserve the right to divide or combine any class, or reduce the number of prizes, due to the number of entries.



2.1      By entering any class at a Bridgewater Riding Club show, you automatically become a DAY member for that show, if you have not already paid for membership subscription. As a DAY member you are bound by the rules stated here. DAY members do not accrue points towards the end of season tally for presentation night, nor are eligible to receive any special prizes or awards that are designated for Bridgewater Riding Club Members only.

2.2        The committee reserve the right to refuse any entry/membership or to alter the programme, consolidate classes or to abandon classes.  Also to amend, alter or add to these rules as they feel necessary.

2.3        The committee cannot be held responsible for the clashing of classes and competitors should bear in mind the approximate times given when entering.

2.4        Riders wishing to leave the ring to compete in another class may do so at the discretion of the judge.

2.5        All entries on show day should be made prior to the start of the relevant class and any subsequent entry will only be accepted at the discretion of the Judge and Show Secretary.

2.6        It is the competitors’ responsibility to enter the ring when asked to do so.  Failure to do so may lead to elimination from the class unless the ring steward has been informed of the circumstances.

2.7        Competitors must not enter rings unless told to do so by an authorised person in charge of the ring.  Disobeying this rule will result in elimination.

2.8        No horse may be entered more than once in any event.  No rider may enter any class more than once except show jumping and working hunter.   In the working hunter class, any rider being called back by the judge for the second phase must choose which animal to take forward.

2.9        Entry fees cannot be returned except at the discretion of the Show Secretary. In the case of cancellation of the show, any entries will be carried forward to next show.



3.1        In each case, the age of rider refers to age on 1st January in the current year

3.2        Where the rider’s age limit and/or height or type of horse or pony is not specified, all riders must be suitably mounted at the discretion of the Judge.

3.3        Any instances of a rider of ineligible age entering a class inappropriately will be treated as a breach of the rules and will be treated very seriously and will be fully investigated by committee. As it is a condition of entry at Bridgewater that the rules have been read and will be adhered to, ignorance will not be a valid defence.



4.1        Lead rein competitors must be 7 years and under on January 1st of the current year.

4.2        Competitors entering Lead Rein classes are confined to Lead Rein throughout the season and MUST REMAIN ON THE LEAD REIN WHILST ON THE SHOW & PARKING FIELD.  Lead rein competitors may only enter classes specifically designated “lead rein” with the exception of Best Turned Out and Thelwell Classes.

4.3       Class 31 Lead Rein Special is for lead rein competitors only.  In this class they may go off the lead rein when entering the ring.  A responsible adult must be in the ring to provide assistance if necessary.  The lead rein must be reattached on leaving the ring.

4.4        While it is unusual, occasionally a judge will ask for a group canter in a Tots/ First Ridden class, particularly in those such as Equitation where the rider’s communication with the pony is under scrutiny.

4.5        If you do not wish your tot or first ridden rider to join in, or they are not capable, they must come into the centre of the ring after the group trot. If your rider is happy to canter in a group, Bridgewater would like to encourage this while not penalising those who are not. The judges are advised that should they request a group canter, the only difference it will make to overall placings would be in the event of a tie.

4.6        This guideline also stands for ring championships, where mixed ages and abilities are competing together.



5.1        Non competitors will be allowed in show jumping and working hunter classes only. No rosettes or points will be awarded.

5.2        No horse or pony jumping non-competitively may then jump competitively in the same ring on the same show date.



6.1        Any horse or pony competing in ridden events must be 4 years of age or over in the current year and must be of sound condition.

6.2        Entries must be identified by wearing a white ribbon in tail or a bridle disc and either ridden or handled by competitors 14 years and over. Entries 2 years old and over must be suitably bitted. Entries will be asked to leave the showground if they are deemed to be inappropriately handled or misbehaving.

6.3        Foreign Breeds are classified as those breeds originating outside of the British Isles. Passports may be required as proof.



7.1        BEGINNERS: Combination of horse/pony and rider not to have been placed 1st to 3rd in any jumping or working hunter class in the previous season.

7.2        BEGINNERS WORKING HUNTER: Any combination of horse and rider that has been placed 1st to 3rd in any WH class including Beginners in the previous season shall not be permitted to enter this class in the current season.  Competitors in Beginners Pony or Horse WH classes may also compete in Cradle/Nursery Stakes and classes 19 and 21 Novice Pony & Novice Horse if eligible by age or pony/horse height.  Beginners may not enter any open classes.

7.3        NOVICE SHOWJUMPING AND WORKING HUNTER: To be eligible for any novice show jumping or working hunter classes a combination of horse and rider must not have won a cash prize or a 1st rosette (excluding Lead Rein, Tots and Beginners) in ANY SHOW including Bridgewater in the previous season.

7.4        NOVICE EQUITATION: To be eligible for any novice equitation class a combination of horse and rider must not have won a 1st rosette in any equitation class (excluding Lead Rein, Lead Rein Special and Tots) in ANY SHOW including Bridgewater in the previous season.

7.5        MAIN RING & RING 1 SHOWJUMPING: No combination of horse/pony & rider may compete in both Main Ring and Ring 1 SJ competitively at the same show.



8.1        The points system is available to full members only and points will accrue to horse/pony and rider/handler combinations in all classes.  Points will be counted from the date and time the membership is paid.  Members must compete as the same combination in the same class at a minimum of three shows to be eligible for points.

8.2        Any substitution of horse/ pony or rider/ handler must be declared either with the show secretary and the class sheet amended to show this. Not declaring this will be deemed a breach of the rules and will be fully investigated by committee with the use of class sheets, entry forms and photographs. Instances that are upheld will be penalised by removal of affected class points and membership will be revoked and will also not be allowed in the following season. If the affected competitor is a junior, the responsibility lies with their appropriate senior, and the withheld membership will also affect any other juniors they are responsible for, whether joining on a family membership or not. There will always be the opportunity for those involved to present themselves to committee to explain their reasons for doing so, however all cases will be deemed very serious. As it is a condition of entry at Bridgewater Riding Club that competitors have read and understood the rules (this is stated on the entry form), ignorance of the rules will be unacceptable as an excuse.

8.3        Points awarded: 1st Place = 6 points, 2nd place = 5 points, 3rd place = 4 points, 4th place 3 points, 5th place 2 points & 6th place 1 point. Class entry will be awarded 1 point.

8.4        All perpetual challenge trophies presented to competitors during the season remain the property of Bridgewater Riding Club and must be returned to the Show Caravan or any Committee Member NO LATER than the date of the last show in a clean and undamaged condition. Professional machine engraving only. A cash or cheque deposit of £10 is required when collecting the perpetual trophy. In the event of the trophy not being returned the deposit will be kept towards the cost of replacing the trophy.



9.1        It is mandatory for all mounted and junior in hand competitors to wear and have the harness securely fastened, a protective helmet as manufactured to one of the minimum standards listed beloW. The helmet must bear the CE mark and a quality symbol, either the BSI Kitemark, the SAI Global symbol or the official Snell label with number. The CE symbol on its own is not sufficient to ensure consistent standard of manufacture. The PAS 015:1998 or 2010 and the Snell E2001 meet higher impact criteria and therefore give more protection.

PAS 015:1998 or 2010 /EN 1384:1996 /BS EN 1384:1997 with the BSI Kitemark. The prefix ‘BS’ on the EN 1384 standard does not mean that the hat has undergone batch testing by the British Standards Institute – the hat must contain the BSI Kitemark as well. Snell E2001 with the official Snell label and number. AS/NZS 3838 1998 or AS/NZS 3838 2003.

9.2        In-hand classes. Junior handlers will be required to wear a protective helmet conforming to the standards set in rule 9.1 above.  Whilst the wearing of a protective helmet is not mandatory for senior competitors, Bridgewater Riding Club actively encourage all handlers to wear a protective helmet whilst leading.


9.4        No whips over 30” to be used in any class.

9.5        The use of spurs is not allowed in RING 1 Show Jumping or any Novice/Beginner class.

9.6        The use of spurs is not allowed in the green riding horse class

9.7        No whips or spurs may be used in handy horse/pony classes.

9.8        Unless stated, the use of spurs (blunt, turned down) will be allowed by seniors, riding over 153cm horses only, at the discretion of the judge.

9.9        In Novice Equitation snaffle bits only are allowed. In other Equitation classes, bits of any suitable type may be used at the discretion of the judge.

9.10      In the Green Riding Horse class, only snaffle bits are allowed.

9.11      In Working Hunter classes, plain coloured leg boots may be worn during the jumping phase. These must be removed for the showing section. No other change of tack is allowed.




10.1      NO CANTERING OR GALLOPING will be allowed outside competition rings and exercise areas for safety reasons.  Handlers/Riders must be in full control of their animals whilst on the show ground.

10.2      All working in must be done in designated warming up areas or in the clear area of the parking field well away from parked vehicles.

10.3      All riders, owners and competitors allow their horses and ponies to compete at their own risk.  Neither the club nor any persons acting on its behalf will be held responsible for any accident, illness or injury to competitors, spectators, property or animals.

10.4      Any vehicles, boxes, trailers or equipment on the showground are the responsibility of the owners and the committee accept no responsibility for any accident, damage or loss for any reason whatsoever.

10.5      Drivers are requested to show due consideration to animals and other members when parking and also are requested to park where directed by a member of the committee.  Parking as to prevent field gates closing is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

10.6      The riding of pedal or motorcycles will not be allowed on the show ground.

10.7      All dogs must be on a lead.  All dog mess must be removed immediately.

10.8      Litter must be placed in bins positioned around the showground.  No emptying of horseboxes or trailers is permitted on the parking field.